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Since the very beginning of our practice, we have committed ourselves to take action in public space, involving the people that use it and care for it. Lightweight, low-cost, yet powerful events, workshops and collective performances that help creating a local sense of community and rising awareness among decision makers and the media.

How to sustainably re-develop cities?

Scavenging the suburbs

Auditing Perth for almost 1 Million infill dwellings


A conceptual understanding of the urbanity of the future African metropolis.


From the horizontal spread of mono-use patterns towards a vertical mixed-used amalgamation of urban development.

Sprawl & the City

An analysis of the relative qualities of living in greenfields suburbs versus city centre locations


EXPO 2017: Demonstration habitats to meet the challenges of providing future housing in sprawled cities.

What are components for healthy cities?


Project Adaptive City Lighting - Patent

Local Resources New Materials

Potentials of local resources as building materials from the perspective of the traditional past, the industrial present and a sustainable future of housing and urban development

How can we envision future cities?

Urban Explosion in Poverty

A case study in Yeka Hyatt / Addis Ababa / Ethiopia


Exploring food and energy production on floating objects to generate feasible, ecologically and economically worthwhile aquacultural innovations.


Exploring synergies between agriculture and cities: From Urban Agriculture to Agri-Urbanculture

Putting the rad back in Radburn

Rethinking the Radburn layout in the Pilbara region of Western Australia

Take me to the river

The foreshore has been contentious since the first plan for Perth was drawn up. Indeed we estimate that well over two hundred proposals have been made for the Perth foreshore since the first identified plan in 1833…

Made in Australia

There are (theoretically) some 35 million future Australians unaccounted for in Australia’s current planning....



Excellence in teaching, offering Master and PHD education and other postgraduate ualification in the area of Urban Design, suitable for cross-diciplinary thinking minds. implemented in contemporary questions of internal urbanism…

Postgraduate learning experience…

Graduate Certificate in Urban Design

The AUDRC offers a graduate certificate in urban design which provide a ‘top-up’ qualification to practitioners and graduates of related fields

Graduate Diploma in Urban Design

The AUDRC offers a graduate diploma in urban design which qualifies graduates to participate in interdisciplinary urban design teams

Master of Urban Design

The AUDRC offers a master of urban design which qualifies students to participate in all levels of the urban design profession


The AUDRC offers a PhD by research for advanced students


The AUDRC Student Gallery

Urban Design Workshop URBD5804

The Urban Design Workshop introduces students to the urban design process in a studio environment

Forces that Shape Cities URBD5807

Forces explores the disciplines and ideals which underpin the spatial arrangement of cities

Case Studies in Urban Design URBD5808

This industry focussed unit explores the roles and nature of urban design in complex urban projects

Research Methods URBD5820

Urban Design Research Methods introduces students to research strategies in relation to urban design

Contemporary Urbanism in 20th & 21st Century URBD5805

The Contemporary Urbanism unit offers a theoretical basis for urban design practice

Urban Design Studio URBD5802

This unit allows students to tackle a ‘live’ urban design problem and navigate the opportunities & complex forces that come into play

Urban Design Research (Thesis) URBD5821/22

Urban Design Research allows the indepth exploration of an urban design topic/problem



Work-flows of using Urban Design as research tool to elaborate, investigate and ultimately innovate processes, concepts and forms of urbanism.

How does AUDRC do stuff?

Innovation in Theory

AUDRC’s take on evolving, inventing and innovating for an adaptable urban development

Research Tools

The AUDRC has at its command numerous physical and virtual tools to aid research, design and communication



Work-flows of using Urban Design as research tool to elaborate, investigate and ultimately innovate processes, concepts and forms of urbanism.

What makes AUDRC tick?

AUDRC sentiment

Vision and Missions in Urban Design Research and Postgraduate Education

Urban Eco-lution

A pocket generator to invent urban solutions for ecologically integrated cities of the future.