Creating Eco-logically integrated cities for people

Eco (n): from the Greek 'oikos' = 'household'/'environment'


An independent, not for profit, interdisciplinary research centre, and part of The University of Western Australia's (Global Top 100) School of Design, with Postgraduate courses in Urban Design.


Curiosity and enthusiasm for novel solutions to urban challenges, exploring the creation of ecologically integrated cities for people.


Driving knowledge deeper by testing ideas through design and experimentation to reach non-predetermined outcomes.


Research-driven urban design proposals, prototypes, and consultation; professional and postgraduate short courses and Masters/PhD; participatory design facilitation; research reports and publications; dynamic system modelling.

For whom...

For government, industry, community, domestic and international students and all global residents of cities. 


Past collaborators and interns (2014-present)

Bronwyn Slater, Iwan Isnin, Melissa Soh, Frances Silberstein, Faranak Farshidfar, Ina Hengstler (Germany), Alessandra Santos (Brazil), Svetlana D'Souza, Nathan Steele, Annalisa Ricci (Italy), Ana Maria Velasco (Columbia), Ruby Low, Nadine Blasche (Germany), Dennis Meyer (Germany), Patrick Hubble, Yi Cai (China), Valentina Cianflone (Italy), Giovanna Federico (Brazil), Erin Fowler, Eric Harrison, Sundae Im (Macau), Lara Pinho (Portugal), Zaheer Allam (Mauritius), Shamantha Carbone (Germany), Max Priebe (Germany), Tim Staudenmaier (Germany), Georgia Evans, Lauren Stokes, Dinis Candeias (Portugal).


Advisory Board

Fred Chaney Jnr (Chair), Principal, Chaney Architecture; Kate Hislop, Head of School, School of Design, UWA; Janet Holmes a Court AC, Board Member, Heytesbury;  Eric Lumsden, Chair, WAPC; Gail McGowan, DG, Dept. of Planning, Lands and Heritage; Frank Marra, CEO, LandCorp; Grahame Searle, DG, Dept. of Communities.

Urban Design Research Committee (URDC) 

Fred Chaney Jnr (Chair), Principal, Chaney Architecture;  David MacLennan, Asst DG, Policy & Priority Initiatives, Department of Planning; Anna Evangelisti, Design Manager, LandCorp; Sue Martins, Principal Consultant Innovation & Sustainability, Commercial Operations Commercial and Corporate Operations, Department of Communities.