Dr Anthony Duckworth-Smith has been working with Scotch College Year 7 teaching staff to develop a lesson helping the students to learn about the concept of urban liveability. The lesson plan was delivered early May in 2016 and asked students to identify what kind of house they lived in and then to measure various aspects of their dwelling and neighbourhood. For example students downloaded noise measurement software onto their smartphone and recorded the night time noise levels in their private outdoor areas. The 10 measurements were then cross-referenced with the results from the Sprawl and the City research project allowing students to compare their home to living on the suburban fringe or in an inner city apartment. Students entered their data online into a survey. AUDRC hopes to extend the lesson to other schools and obtain a broad sample of data to help with further research into the quality of residential environments.


‘I’m receiving the warmest and most genuine of comments about your presentation today – pitched at the right level, the boys were listening really well, they didn’t need telling off, on the money … AWESOME!’- Gabriel Hodgson, Year 7 Middle School Teacher, Scotch College