H+ modular housing system

A research & development project to investigate detailed solutions for affordable housing in modular building technology for the metropolitan area of Perth, and additional climate zones, in Western Australia.

The Western Australian Government has revised its affordable housing strategy target, committing to delivering a further 10,000 homes by 2020. 

The State Planning Strategy notes the following key facts that relate to housing affordability in Western Australia:
▶ Over 60% of households are now one or two people, however over 70% of housing stock was developed as a family home.
▶ In 1976, housing loan repayments consumed a quarter of average full-time income. Recent figures show that housing loan repayments consume about one third of the median household income.

It sets out the following strategic approach to planning for affordable living:
▶ Communities provide diverse housing opportunities for different income levels, lifestyle choices, and household types;
▶ Compact and diverse settlement structures;
▶ Development conserves consumption of natural resources.

At the same time the ‘golden’ new solution to create affordable housing has arisen: the ‘modular’ construction approach. Modular construction has the benefits of less construction time, less waste, and less construction costs.

H+ Modular Housing System explores various options of modular construction technologies, and discusses the benefits and constraints of prefabrication (offsite construction) versus in-situ (onsite construction). Socio-cultural considerations of affordability are taken into account, as is a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as a byproduct of a reduction in construction. 

To test this approach AUDRC suggested engaging with the community. Subsequently the Housing Authority commissioned the AUDRC to design, conduct, produce, and investigate the H+ Modular Housing System through Community Charrette 'H+ My Future Home' as a platform for an interactive exhibition, workshop, and symposium in September 2016 at the B-Shed, Fremantle Port.