Strategic Planner, Local Government, WA. Completed Master of Urban Design. 2017

Why did you decide to study urban design at AUDRC?

I decided to study urban design at AUDRC as I am very interested in how to achieve quality built form and public realm design outcomes that create great, liveable places. I wanted to gain the skills to produce well designed master plans in a range of residential, commercial, mixed use and landscape contexts to guide future development. Working in planning, I realised that urban design is essential to ensure the effective implementation of the various planning mechanisms and I wanted to further my knowledge and skills in this area.

What is your professional background?

I have a Bachelor of Science (Urban and Regional Planning) and a Masters of Urban Design from AUDRC. I have worked for the past 5 years as a Strategic Planner in local government. I have experience with local planning strategies, local planning schemes, local planning policies, design guidelines, scheme amendments, structure plans, local development plans, subdivisions and master plans.

How has studying urban design at AUDRC enriched your practice?

I gained valuable knowledge and skills during my urban design studies at AUDRC that I apply in my career to influence design outcomes. Working for a local government as a Strategic Planner, I have prepared strategies that incorporate urban design objectives and have developed scheme and policy provisions to guide built form outcomes, based on the principles I learned at AUDRC. I apply my urban design knowledge and skills in the assessment of structure plans, subdivisions and local development plans to enhance streetscapes, lot configurations and built forms and ensure these elements are site responsive to the natural landscape and local character. I also use many of the urban design and graphic presentation skills I developed through the studio units I studied at AUDRC to prepare concept plans, sections and urban design diagrams in my current role.

From all of your professional and academic practice what is your definition of Urban Design?

My definition of urban design would be the coordinated design of the various elements that form a city from a multidisciplinary perspective to create liveable places with a unique identity.

Lauren Dujmovic 1.jpg

ABOVE: Laurens' Master of Urban Design Thesis. 2017. Water Sensitive Waterfronts. Her thesis investigates how synergies between ecological and urban interventions at the waterfront can improve the quality of water being discharged into waterways. Waterfront redevelopments can transform a city, expressing its Image, culture and history. The redevelopment of the city waterfront has become a central component to the narative of the city. While the value of waterfront redevelopments is evident, the importance of water systems and the environment is paramount. Waterfront design should also be sensitive to the water system and value it as an important resource.

LEFT: Lauren presenting her thesis at AUDRCs 'Brights Lights Big City' event. 

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