H+: My future home

Based upon AUDRC's modular housing research for the Housing Authority, H+: My Future Home investigated detailed solutions for afford­able housing in modular building technology for the metropolitan area of Perth and additional climate zones in Western Australia. The results were interactively demonstrated to, and with, the public in this interactive charette, at the B-Sheds/Fremantle Ports, with the City of Fremantle, Housing Authority, and further contribu­tions by the Department of Water and the Water Cooperation regarding water-wise awareness.

The studio was geared towards revealing adaptability, flexibility and a variety of housing on various levels: creating community interaction; providing an alternative perception of multi-unit housing; engaging the future home owner as an active contributor to 'owning' space within a rational prefab framework that allows flexible interior use; informing about sustainable water use and climate-adaptable design considerations; offering a platform for future housing-oriented discussion, learning, and collaborating.

See photos of the event here