Future histories

Luminous Dreams: Sohan Ariel Hayes (dir), Anthony Duckworth Smith (prod), Annabel Smith (writer), Cat Hope (sound), Rose Holdaway (art direction), Geraldton High School students (artists): A spectacularly projected site based film project in Geraldton with story treatment inspired by Peter Dockers novel The Waterboys and two versions of the of the ‘Seven Sisters’ dreamtime story.

The Ark: Annabel Smith (writer), Beth George, Nic Brunsdon, Aaron Cunningham, Rebecca Lewis, James Thompson (design) – A design of subterranean bunker and key settings for the novel ‘The Ark’ – a speculative fiction work which engages with themes of environmental crisis, technology and corporatisation of genetic stock.

100 Year Starship: Crain McCormack: MArch (UWA): A beautifully illustrated design thesis project which uses an epistolary narrative to reflect on one person's extended occupation of a massive starship project.